Residential building in Berlin.

Is the peak on the market for apartment buildings in Berlin approaching?

How is the market for residential buildings in Berlin developing? Sideways, up or down? Political pressure on market players is not without effect.

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Milieu protection, conversion regulations, pre-emptive rights.

Milieu protection is the central social and property-economical topic complex in Berlin. Our presentation with milieu protection map provides a well-founded insight into the basics and background of milieu protection, conversion ordinance and pre-emptive rights in Berlin.

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Welcher Kontinent liebt welchen Berliner Ortsteil?

At a glance: Immigration to Berlin by continent

Is it true that Asians prefer eastern districts? Where do Americans prefer to move to? What about the other continents? Answers here!

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The key points of the coalition negotiations on housing policy

Grand Coalition: Housing of Contrasts?

CDU and SPD have found a common line in the coalition negotiations. Future housing and construction policies will focus on the promotion of small to medium incomes, the reintroduction of a special depreciation model and stronger control of the housing market for new rentals.

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Some numbers about Berlin

Interesting facts about Berlin

EUR 3.750. This is roughly the average quotation price for one square meter of living space in Berlin in 2017.10 years ago, in 2007, the same flat was offered on the market for EUR 1,750/m². The more than doubling of the price level within 10 years, however, comes more from a tectonic shift on the Berlin real estate market than from a price explosion. Immigration and catching-up effects are the two main players in this process. The Senate estimates that at least 135,000 additional apartments will be needed by 2030.

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Berlin does not assume growth. Senate relies on market regulation instead of new construction.

Berlin: Housing policy has failed

Preservation statutes and bans on splitting are supposedly the sharpest instrument of state legislators in the fight against rising rents and prices.

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The socio-economic differences in the spatial distribution of migration in Berlin.

Berlin insights. Communities in the German Capital

As a home for people from over 200 countries, Berlin can call itself a cosmopolitan city. Are there community clusters in the German Capital?

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Extended consideration of displacement

Guthmann Estate: Study about mobility in Berlin

In our study, we are looking into mobility processes in Berlin. With a new approach we are expanding the concept of displacement.

Almost 10 percent of the total population in Berlin relocated last year

Who is moving from where to where?

Over 313,000 people have changed in space last year. Our interactive map shows how mobility is expressed in Berlin.

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Challenges of Berlin’s real estate market

Berlin is again undergoing a transformation. The first time that the city reached the mark of 100.000 residents was in the 18th century.

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