Welcher Kontinent liebt welchen Berliner Ortsteil?

At a glance: Immigration to Berlin by continent

Is it true that Asians prefer eastern districts? Where do Americans prefer to move to? What about the other continents? Answers here!

Peter Guthmann
Berlin does not assume growth. Senate relies on market regulation instead of new construction.

Berlin: Housing policy has failed

Preservation statutes and bans on splitting are supposedly the sharpest instrument of state legislators in the fight against rising rents and prices.

Peter Guthmann
The socio-economic differences in the spatial distribution of migration in Berlin.

Berlin insights. Communities in the German Capital

As a home for people from over 200 countries, Berlin can call itself a cosmopolitan city. Are there community clusters in the German Capital?

Peter Guthmann
Extended consideration of displacement

Guthmann Estate: Study about mobility in Berlin

In our study, we are looking into mobility processes in Berlin. With a new approach we are expanding the concept of displacement.

Art scene booms in the Geman Capital

The German Capital has undergone an evolution from underdog culture to Europe´s most demanded art hot spot.

Peter Guthmann

Berlin Real Estate: Vandalism at lowest level since 1997.

BBU: decrease proves positive atmosphere in Berlin

Peter Guthmann

Tempelhof referendum: Voters reject development.

Approximately 65 % of percent of Berlin voters rejected in referendum the development plans as favoured by the Senate of Berlin.

Peter Guthmann

Guthmann & Guthmann Immobilien GmbH has joined Berlin Partner

We are pleased to announce that Guthmann & Guthmann Immobilien GmbH has become a member of Berlin’s most important network “Berlin Partner“. Berlin Partner is a unique, public-private partnership between more than 200 companies from the economics and technology sector and the Senate of Berlin. Berlin Partner is a commitment to the German capital.

Peter Guthmann