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After Spandau, Köpenick is the second-oldest district in Berlin. Köpenick, which merged with Treptow in 2001, is a place of superlatives. The greenest, most water-rich district of Berlin consists of 75 percent of forest, meadows and water. The Müggelsee is the largest lake in the capital. Berlin-Köpenick is also known for its historic downtown, the castle and music events. Köpenick, Friedrichshagen, Grünau, Oberschöneweide, Rahnsdorf, Müggelheim and Schmöckwitz are characterized by a mixture of magnificent mansions with beautiful gardens, apartments in mostly two-storey houses from the 18th and 19th century and modern new-build apartments.

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Almost 10 percent of the total population in Berlin relocated last year

Who is moving from where to where?

Over 313,000 people have changed in space last year. Our interactive map shows how mobility is expressed in Berlin.

Peter Guthmann