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Zehlendorf includes the districts Wannsee, Nikolassee, Dahlem and the district with the same name Zehlendorf. The building structure is characterized by mansions, detached houses and tenements. About half of Zehlendorf’s area consists of forests and water areas. Properties in Zehlendorf are very popular. Western locations with a view over the lake and Dahlem are among the most expensive and exclusive residential areas outside the center of Berlin.

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Milieu protection, conversion regulations, pre-emptive rights.

Milieu protection is the central social and property-economical topic complex in Berlin. Our presentation with milieu protection map provides a well-founded insight into the basics and background of milieu protection, conversion ordinance and pre-emptive rights in Berlin.

Peter Guthmann
Almost 10 percent of the total population in Berlin relocated last year

Who is moving from where to where?

Over 313,000 people have changed in space last year. Our interactive map shows how mobility is expressed in Berlin.

Peter Guthmann