Customer reviews

Über sich selbst kann man viel erzählen, was wirklich zählt, ist was andere über einen sagen. Lesen Sie hier was unseren Kunden von uns halten.

Guthmann & Guthmann Immobilien - The best you can ask for

Our experience with Guthmann & Guthmann Immobilien was short but incredibly satisfying.
What is most impressive is the competence and reliability that can be understood from the first meeting. We had the pleasure of interfacing with Phil Gries and we knew that everything was in good hands. Despite being far away, all our requests and all our doubts have been dealt with without any problem and quickly. We were followed step by step and we had every kind of assistance (translation deed - professional translator during deed - closing utilities after sale).
We thank Phil and Guthmann & Guthmann Immobilien for bringing our sales plan to a conclusion in a short time and in the best way possible.

C.C. & F.S., Rom

Excellent service in all aspects!

Excellent service and communication in all aspects of selling my flat. Very helpful with German to English translations for the documents required.

M.W., Berlin

Utter satisfaction!

Team Guthmann real estate supported me in two different projects to my utter satisfaction.
It was a pleasure and I have no idea projects could be better than these.
My special thanks to Mr. Phil Gries.

Uwe S., Treffelstein

We are very gratefull to them and would definitely recommend them to anybody dealing with real estate in Berlin

As a foreign real estate developer, we have been using the services of Guthmann & Guthmann Immobilien for our project in Berlin. Not only we experienced the effectiveness of their sales agency services, but also found them an extremely valuable partner in addressing and solving a number of issues relating to our building, more efficiently than various architects and engineers we came across in the project.
They have taken care of their customer, all the way through, with great competence and passion.

We are very gratefull to them and would definitely recommend them to anybody dealing with real estate in Berlin.

GBR KlausenerPlatz Gherardo Barbini

It was a pleasure working with Phil.

Being a non-German with an investment property in Germany Phil helped me understand the local market nuances and went the extra mile in every step of the process.

Mr. Werner W., Südafrika

I recommend the company without reservation.

Guthmann&Guthmann Immobilien GmbH, through the counsel of Phil Gries, turned the bureaucratic and cumbersome process of acquiring an apartment in Berlin into a walk in the park. Mr. Gries was extremely friendly, reactive, and above all, helpful, even long after the sale contract was signed. I recommend the company without reservation.

Thomas S., Berlin

Lovely experience with the Guthmann & Guthmann

I have had a lovely experience with the Guthmann & Guthmann: not only have they been able to provide in very short time exactly the type of apartment I had been looking for, but their Agent Herr Rosen has gone way beyond the limits of a normal duty, helping me to take care of all transitions difficulties while in absence from Berlin, before and after the signature of the contract. I have seldom, if never, met such serious and committed professionality, joint with an exquisite politeness.

Mr. Dr. F. I., Neapel, Italien

His service, English, knowledge and professionalism are all first class

I highly recommend Phil Gries to everyone who wants to buy a property in Germany. His service, English, knowledge and professionalism are all first class and made my experience of buying an apartment in Grunewald from Unites States a vey enjoyable one. Even after we closed the transaction we remained friends which I think is the highest recommendation that you can ever give someone!

Robert M. & Adriana P. M., USA

I strongly recommend working with Guthmann & Guthmann

Working with Guthmann & Guthmann was easy and it made the overall purchasing experience smooth. Their communication was very prompt and accurate and they acted fairly as unbiased intermediaries. They recommended an excellent notary and the paperwork was expedited in less than a month. For a buyer living far from Europe, it was comforting to know I could count on the agent. I strongly recommend working with Guthmann & Guthmann.

Frederic L., Singapore

Guthmann & Guthmann were extremely helpful and friendly

Guthman and Guthman were extremely helpful and friendly in helping me to move apartment. The service was excellent; they respond quickly and translated documents for me when needed. I would recommend them.

Jackson O., Berlin

Good experience with Guthmann and Guthmann

I really had a good experience with Guthmann and Guthmann. Recently I bought the apartment I was living in to the owner and they were very helpful in all the process. We got the documents really quickly and were always reachable for our questions. Being foreigners and without knowing the language and German laws was scary for us but they were very comprehensive, translated for us everything needed and act as our link between not only the administrative aspects, also for the change of suppliers contracts as light or Internet what it is not one of their duties. Warm, nice, professional and as I said above our right hand to get the apartment without problems. With them is really easy to reach your desired home! Thanks to all the team

Frau Berta G., Berlin

Excellent and professional service

I used the services of Guthmann & Guthmann to sell a property in Berlin and I would highly recommend their excellent professional service.

Jill A., Irland

It was a pleasure working with you

Dear Guthmanns,
We would like to thank you for the excellent service we have received from you. First of all ,we felt it was very pleasant t working with you. Second, we found your service very efficient, reliable loyal and professional. All figures and estimations we received before the flat purchase (such as expected costs) were accurate, and allowed us to get to a very reasonable decision. No surprises arose, and we felt very confident with the information and data we received. In addition, it is worth mentioning that you refer us to a few required service suppliers, such as the Notary, and all of them were indeed available, nice working with, and treat our flat purchase in a very professional way. We appreciated the possibility of closing the deal at its last stages without being there in Berlin, knowing that all formalities are carefully taken care.
In conclusion, it was a pleasure working with you, and no doubt, we received just the best "value-for-money" ratio. 
Thanks a lot, and we are looking forward to the next mutual deal!

Nimrod & Gili Sh., Israel

Peter And Almut Guthmann Were Most Professional And Proactive

Peter And Almut Guthmann Were Most Professional And Proactive In Achieving A Timely And ”Best Price” For Our Recent Berlin Real Estate Sale.

As an introduction, I believe that Peter Guthmann’s recent assignment to sell our two rental buildings, located in Berlin, presented a real ongoing challenge as it required a great deal of flexibility on his part in dealing with non-German speaking, off-shore owners resident in New York, London and Edinburgh.

In early 2015, we decided that the timing was right to put the properties on the market.  The buildings, which were occupied by 19 tenants, were managed by a local managing agent.

I was very fortunate to have been introduced to Peter and Almut Guthmann in about 2008 by a real estate contact.  After contract signing, they immediately proceeded to thoroughly inspect the property and submitted a most impressive and easy-to-read professional real estate report.  

Usefully, their report provided both positive and negative insights concerning the properties’ saleable condition.   What impressed us most were Peter and Almut’s [significant contributions as an architect] perceptions and insights that “flushed out” several “hidden value” recommendations that definitely enhanced the properties’ saleable value.  It gave us the confidence that they are true professionals, who do not take arbitrary shortcuts, but do their best for their clients. This is evidenced by the fact that, through their best efforts, we were able to “close” within a very reasonable time-frame.  Additionally, with Peter’s extensive international contacts, we were, indeed very fortunate in achieving a substantially higher price than several quotes proffered by the Berlin competition!

We truly appreciate that Peter patiently provided us with incisive advice and readily spent an inordinate amount of time guiding us through the complex German legal system during the contract drafting and closing cycles.  Further, post-closing, he also efficiently followed up, on our behalf, with the buyers confirming timely and full compliance with the critical contract terms.

To conclude, as you have most likely gathered, we can only express our highest regard and sincere appreciation to Peter and Almut for always being there for us when we needed guidance. They are “straight shooters” who perform in an honest and frank manner which is most reassuring for the owners.  Accordingly, we give them full marks and can, honestly, recommend them to customers who are searching for reliable, honest, productive and truly knowledgeable real estate advisors.