Bet on the winners. The top experts for Berlin property. Since 2006.

Since 2006, we have been achieving the absolute best results on the Berlin real estate market for the purchase and sale of your properties in Berlin.

Selling your apartment in Berlin

If you are planning to sell your apartment in Berlin, letting us work together will be your best bet.

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Rental buildings Berlin

Do not take any risks when it comes to buy or sell residential properties in Berlin. Work with us to achieve the best results.

Rental Buildings

Protection against state intervention

The safest protection against state enforced purchase price reductions.

Your safe guard against state interventions in Berlin property sales

Services for developers

As a developer of course you will need perfect research and data. As builders we know your expectations and requirements. Our consultancy is made for you.

Services for real estate developers

Berlin real estate funds

We are being trusted by big real estate fund management companies. With our experience we achieve great results. Strategies for exit scenarios, global selling or transformation.

Services for Berlin real estate funds

Data driven Berlin real estate concepts

Target group oriented real estate strategies and concepts. Big data for your projects. Demographical data. Facts and trends.

Big Data