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Rely on the top class when selling your residence in Berlin. We are one of Berlin’s most successful real estate agencies. Best services and better results.


Accept best results only

When you sell your property in Berlin, there is only one right price. It is the highest attainable selling price on the market. Since 2006 we have achieved incredible results in the sale of apartments and houses in the German capital. That is why we are and will remain the number 1 for our customers. 

Il numero 1 per i nostri clienti.

Quando si vende la vostra proprietà a Berlino, c' è solo un prezzo giusto. Si tratta del prezzo di vendita più elevato raggiungibile sul mercato. Dal 2006 abbiamo raggiunto risultati incredibili nella vendita di appartamenti e case nella capitale tedesca. Ecco perché siamo e rimarremo il numero 1 per i nostri clienti. 

Ne vous contentez pas de moins

Lorsque vous vendez votre propriété à Berlin, il n' y a qu'un seul prix correct. Il s'agit du prix de vente le plus élevé sur le marché. Depuis 11 ans, nous obtenons des résultats incroyables dans la vente d'appartements et de maisons dans la capitale allemande. C'est pourquoi nous sommes et resterons le numéro 1 pour nos clients. 

Driven by excellence
Be sure not to arrange with less

We are fully aware of the importance that comes with the choice you made of selling your property in Berlin. Supporting you with decision making, planning and finally selling your apartment is our priority. We will be there every step of the way and ensure that the realization is safe and profitable.
No matter in which district you are selling. Our well experienced staff will not only calculate the market value. We will work out the whole potential of your Berlin property. Click here for a first online appraisal.

High revenues
The last chance for profit!

Repaying loans, maintenance, renovations, changing standards in energy consumption and so on. We know how much work, effort and money you have spent on your property. You have to achieve the best selling price. There are many aspects you have to consider when setting a price. If you set it to low you will lose money. If you aim for an off-market price you will weaken your market strength and lower the price at some point. We are the ones to help you setting the right price. Selling your property will be the last step of the journey and we want to make sure it ends with the maximum profit.

Only knowing the facts let you make the right decision
The timing

Is it the right time to sell your Berlin apartment now or would it be worth waiting a little longer? Berlin went through a phase of rising demand and prices. In 2017 prices are expected to start lowering. Almost half of all apartments in Berlin that are being built right now are freehold apartments. New constructions and high energetical requirements will be competition for your property. The perfect time to sell is now.

Unique data-driven approach
We show the future

Buyers want to see more than the living room in your apartment. They expect to get a picture of the development chances of their investment. Key indicators, modernization and rental situation are important. And thanks to our data driven method we are able to forecast trends to predict the potential growth of an investment. Our team is happy to give the best advisory service not only in German: we are fluent in English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Why settle for less when you can achieve more

If you do not want to lose money with selling your property, start working with us. We are your number 1 in Berlin and have been marketing for over 10 years with over thousand properties.

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We are very gratefull to them and would definitely recommend them to anybody dealing with real estate in Berlin

GBR KlausenerPlatz Gherardo Barbini

It was a pleasure working with Phil.

Mr. Werner W., Südafrika

I recommend the company without reservation.

Thomas S., Berlin

Lovely experience with the Guthmann & Guthmann

Mr. Dr. F. I., Neapel, Italien

His service, English, knowledge and professionalism are all first class

Robert M. & Adriana P. M., USA

I strongly recommend working with Guthmann & Guthmann

Frederic L., Singapore