Big Data for the real estate market in Berlin.

Valuable insights for real estate stake holders in Berlin. Studies for your projects.

Real estate consulting done by pros.

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Big Data Berlin

We constantly add new data to our database. The benefit for you is tremendous. Configure better products, find your customers, save money right from the start of your project.

People, data and trends

Our data help to address target groups, optimize your communication with your clients and to define working strategies for your real estate projects in Berlin. Improve hit rates in sales and reduce time-on-market.

Data + Experience = Value Add

All the data in the world would be useless without the ability of interpretation and derivations. This is why all of our services are connected to make sure we do not miss out on anything. The base for our analyses is experience and know-how.

Big Data for a complex real estate market

Berlin is in constant transition. This makes the cities real estate market complex and keeps our data base constantly growing. With the digital image of the city we are able to visualize movements, changes and trends. We know who is interested in your real estate projects in berlin and how to target them.

The fuel for the real estate market in Berlin
Various benefits of Data

Data accompany each and every real estate transaction. Data has been used before the deal and will be used afterwards. Data is the memory of the market. Knowing or having them ois a great benefit. We organize and analyze a variety of interesting data for useful conclusions.

Data driven consulting and practical knowledge.

Big Data for a complex real estate market.
We are the fuel for the real estate market in Berlin.