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Assessments for fund manager

Large fund management companies have trusted us for many years now. We are specialized in doing precise assessments in order to enable the management to make decisions. We analyze different options and present them to the shareholders. With consistent and precise data.

Many shareholders, one interest

Throughout the entire life cycle of a real estate fund, all parties are pulling together. When the fund approaches the last phase of the life cycle, the assessment of possible exit strategies is an decision criterion for individual share holders and for the management.

10 years experience

Our experience, consistency and outstanding reputation is your advantage. For more than 10 years we have been successfully working with investment companies from Berlin’s real estate market.

Life cycles and exits strategies
Closed real estate funds in Berlin

The exit of a property fund can go many different ways. Working closely with the funds management and advisory board we develop top performing exit strategies. In particular the last phase of the lifecycle has to be made as profitable as possible.

Currently low interests make an extension of the life of the loans an alternative, especially when stipulations fixed in the assistance agreement with the state sector threaten on sales results.

With our long term experience we are the best partner to get the best results for your fund. We are looking forward to assisting you with a first interview without any commitments.

Distribution of shares
Experience can´t be replaced by nothing

Crucial for flexibility in the exit strategy is the nature of the subscription of the individual fund participants.

When the so-called Hamburg model was drawn, the real division of a residential house as well as the allocation and utilization are easier, since the fund shares already correspond to “real” apartments.

When the Munich model was drawn, the focus initially lies on a global sale. But here, too, a higher result can possibly be achieved by selling single units.

The risk of remaining shares in form of apartments with longer sales times can be reduced or even be avoided when a good marketing strategy is chosen based on precise market data.

The Hamburg model
Converting funds into communities of owners

After division of the object according to §8 WEG and with a formally completed allocation, the owners are free to dispose of their property. It may, however, be advantageous to sell directly from the fund assets before an allocation is done, helping to reduce tax burdens.

In addition costs for the priority protecting conveyance of ownership and registration in the official real estate register can be saved. The realization does not have to be immediately when an owner decides to distribute the apartments from the assets of the fund. Assigning the assets of the fund does not cause the pre-emptive right. It only has to be considered when it comes to the realization

Perfect guidance for property funds
Data. Research. Consulting. Realization.

Dealing with shares or dealing with real estate is a big difference. This difference is exactly the reason why many shareholders do not like fund exits. There will be many new questions coming up but we will be there to answer them and assist you.

We offer complex and precise market reports including SWOT analyses, price trends and demograhical data. You will receive reliable information about the market opportunities of the transformation.

Many of our intern clients are also interested in buying rented apartments and the acquisition of global properties – with or without stipulations fixed in the assistance agreement. Thanks to our experience we are the partner that fund managements are looking for.

Safeguarding your interests. Data. Analyses. Consulting. Sales.

We are the first choice for real estate funds managers in Berlin.

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