Success has a name: Guthmann Estate. The experts for apartment buildings in Berlin.

Residential buildings in Berlin. Since 2006.

From 2006 we have been one of the top addresses in Berlin for the discreet marketing of apartment buildings. Best references. Best possible results.

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Best selling price

The sale of your rental building in Berlin is the last opportunity to optimize yields. Make sure not to lose money. We provide the best possible results - confirmed by hundreds of clients.

Lifting up hidden values

Analyzing the potential of your apartment building in Berlin will benefit you as well as the future buyer. We find and lift up hidden values of your property.

Experience and excellence

We have been a benchmark in Berlin real estate business for over 10 years. Our excellence is confirmed by hundreds of clients. Check our references.

Holistic approach
Recognizing potential and raising values

Analyzing the value of your apartment building has to include more than just a comparison of competing properties and prices. A successful selling strategy has to consider many aspects: demography, surrounding and technical conditions of the property as well as buyers priorities. The key is to show the potential of the building and of the location. If the buyer has a good feeling about the purchase it is a win-win. Our SWOT analysis draws a realistic picture of where future renters will come from and how things will develop. 

Communication and presentation
Much more than just a sales kit

International buyers are usually not familiar with the districts and locations in Berlin. The more important it is to understand the surroundings and neighborhoods. We visualize flows of migration and the composition of the population. This is a real USP in the presentation of your property, district and potential. All information can be provided in German, English, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese. Our experience with public authorities and all involved parties avoids frictions and keeps the process smooth. We are looking for an open communication with buyers and renters.

One building. Many options
Optimizing your revenues

You have invested into your property for years: payed off loans, maintained and renovated it. Selling your Berlin property is the last chance to maximize your profit. Dividing up home ownership and then selling the property often is an interesting alternative. This is especially helpful in cases of group owners who cannot find a selling agreement.

Boom: High prices and low interest
When to sell?

Investors are still focusing on buying apartment buildings in Berlin. No matter if you already plan to sell your property or not, it is always useful to know the worth and how the market is developing. Our road map for future selling includes a plan for measures that help to increase the value of your property in Berlin. We can support your property management company, design plans for rental improvements and prepare our internal clients for an upcoming opportunity.

Why settle for less! We are the agents for your apartment building in Berlin and Potsdam.

Do not take risks. Working with us is the best decision you can make.

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It´s all about your property.

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We are very gratefull to them and would definitely recommend them to anybody dealing with real estate in Berlin

GBR KlausenerPlatz Gherardo Barbini

It was a pleasure working with Phil.

Mr. Werner W., Südafrika

I recommend the company without reservation.

Thomas S., Berlin

Lovely experience with the Guthmann & Guthmann

Mr. Dr. F. I., Neapel, Italien

His service, English, knowledge and professionalism are all first class

Robert M. & Adriana P. M., USA

I strongly recommend working with Guthmann & Guthmann

Frederic L., Singapore